Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Debutante girl

18 years! Wow! It seems like only yesterday when I celebrated that myself. And now... before my very eyes, my own 18-year old! Look at you all grown up! And all I could say is WOW! I remember one day while watching TV more than 18 years ago, when a baby's face popped in my head from out of nowhere and I was surprised and confused all at the same time. So the next day I ran to a random OB-Gyne and found myself pregnant with you. I was scared but happy, and I was way past my 20' way past it. You were my first baby and I was asking myself if I can take the challenge... the new role that life has given me. But when I saw your heartbeat on the monitor while the doctor was taking an ultrasound; I knew that I will take on that role head on! But this is not about me... 

So today as you turn 18, I dare say take a stand! The same way you did when you kicked yourself out of my womb on your 8th month. You could not wait to see the world! Let that be you again! Have the kind of hunger to see what the world can offer you but more importantly take time to find out what you can give the world! 

Look back and help those who have helped you!

Take a stand! Do not wait for things to happen! Meet everyday with fervor, do everything with passion! And for everything that you want to happen in your life, make a stand!

I love this photo of you when you tried to stand and succeeded! 
I love you so much my pabebe girl! You are the first reason why I started to dream! Enjoy your day! Am glad you wore a skirt today, if only for ice cream hahaha! 

Roll those sleeves up and become your own success story!
Thank you for wearing a skirt today hahaha