Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Alloy!

No matter how tall they get, no matter the age, our children will always be our children. Every birthday celebrated is a badge of honor on our shoulders. And one thing will always be true, our children will always be the vessel of our love. My son turned 11 today, and this milestone brought me back to when I first conceived him. His conception was a miracle of sorts but children will always be a miracle, right? 11 years back I took my first pregnancy test which proved negative, then again the next month which proved the same. I was beginning to feel frustrated and went to the doctor to have myself tested again, and to my dismay it still turned out the same. 3 months without my monthly visitor, I was beginning to think if it was too late for me to have another. After a few weeks I went back to the doctor to have myself undergo ultrasound, and to my husband's and my surprise, the doctor saw a sac. A 2 month-old sac, I was advised that it may or may not develop into a fetus. Eventually it did! I may never understand what happened in between but I will always be thankful that the sac turned out to be the son that I am able to embrace, talk to, cry with, laugh with.

Now my son is 11 and I will always be proud of him and proudest that I am his mother! Happy Birthday my son, you know how Mommy loves you to the moon and back.