Friday, November 29, 2013

Curiousity got the mom 😝

I was busy cleaning when I suddenly thought of checking on my youngest son. As soon as I walked in the room he clicked on something on the computer. Hmmmm... I prohibited them from playing internet games a few weeks ago so when he tried his best to keep me off the pc I became suspicious and reminded him that he was not allowed to play games. I told him that I will be checking on the history to find out what games he played. He suddenly cried and embraced me and teied his best to drive me out of the room. Grabe ang lakas nya! As he bawled his heart out I tried my best to stop from laughing as i wanted him to know that I was dead serious. Of course I won on the brawn department. As i opened the history of the sites he visited, the one that caught my eye has the phrase "how to kiss"! Imagine myself in between feelings of consternation and the funnies. I wanted to laugh out loud but I reminded myself that I am a parent. I almost peed hahaha what the heck does he want to know about kissing and why is beyond me... Hay sons....growing sons ...