Friday, August 26, 2011


Then what used to be only two now widened a little more to form a triangle... :)

I met Jackie on another interview bout, which was initiated about three months ago as I needed a replacement for Kay as my assistant. She was the first person I got to interview amongst the several applicants for the said position. My first impression was that she was simply laid back, not in a negative way, mind you. She was very easy to like and as talkative as I can be :) I instantly felt that she was a perfect match. However, things did not work out as planned. Kay who was about to resign was the one left and I became an instant "resignee" if there is even such a word (even could not locate it's definition hahaha). In other words, hiring Jackie for the said purpose did not go through (although we hired another Filipina, she was sent to a branch in Dammam). I felt bad not being able to help a kababayan land a job. I wanted to be able to give the same opportunity to another kababayan. And perhaps it was because of that need that another friendship began to form :)  

We were both in search of something that would appease our need to while away and earn at the same time. And realised later on that we shared the same passion for cooking. While I tried to discern my purpose whilst looking for a job that I can do homebound ... Jackie happened. God is good! In His infinite goodness he sends me friends who would strike my heartstrings and prompt me to move. Jackie's culinary ability inspired me and so prompted me to follow the path that the Lord has laid down for me. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5

Jackie helped me bring back my zest for entrepreneurship but I did not want to stand her way, I do not want to be a competitor. So I took on the other road, I took to baking and serving pasta instead. In this way we will always complement each other.

I believe that, not only as a Filipino, but as part of our humanity; we should not take advantage but rather take action to help each and everyone we come across with. Again, we have sealed our faith... friendship is also God's wonderful work so there is nothing else to do but to move forward and to take care of the friends He has sent our way.... :)

In the meantime, let me take this time to promote my good, good friend Jackie's catering service. I have tasted her Laing and it is one of the best laing that I have tasted in my entire life. Having enhanced tastebuds, I know good food when I've tried one. 


I was going through some blogs that I have not published for one reason or another. The reason these blogs are still in my editing tab is either because I was too busy to go back to it or such was an incident that happened eons ago. Yet old news is definitely still newsworthy and I stumbled into this which I realised I've been meaning to published 2 weeks back. Read on...

Almost a year ago and a couple of days to the last quarter of the 2011 I felt terribly sad to be leaving friends behind. I expected that making friends in a country alien to foreign women going out at their own liberty, would be doubly tough and that I'm wont to just staying indoors and "behind the scene' so-to-speak. It's a good thing that I was still able to work for even  5 months because that paved way to forming a very good bond with Kay. 7 months ago being the only female at the HR department who was tasked to organise the files from scratch and to assist in the improvement of an existing system, my boss felt that I needed an assistant. So I went on a rampage to hire someone who shared my own "work principles". I did not have to wait for long because out of 4 interviews, I knew that Kay was the person I wanted to work with. (refer to previous article I WILL SURVIVE

And the rest is history, what started out as a need to have an assistant sealed our faith, we have grown to be very, very good friends. I continue to rejoice in the Lord and in the fact that He has sent an angel into my life! :)

Buon Apetito

It's a weekend and as we've all grown accustomed to, the man of the house has another bread idea. He's raising his dough for Pizza tonight! Yey!

Busy daddy :)

"First bite" :)

It was really really good!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have watched this animated movie more than once and never grow tired of it as the movie reminds me of my own heart's yearning. My enduring relationship with cooking is and always will be. Both my parents are wonderful cooks but I inherited more than the ability to do so. I can say that my passion for the culinary arts is so deeply rooted and yet it was a realization that came only later in life. As a child, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. My dream of becoming a doctor was to evoke fondness and approval from my parents but was never realised. Instead I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Albeit always with a steady and promising career, I found that it was one without direction. Always a job that I can never be too passionate for. 

One day I woke up with a better perspective, everything seemed to fit like a puzzle. But I was scared because I did not know how to start though the eagerness was definitely there. So on one of my evening shift at work, I brought sandwiches which became an instant hit to friends and colleagues.  By word of mouth alone, advertising was not a problem.  But I had to transfer to another job and it was only after 4 years in that job that I began to be able to sell openly on the floor. Again I started with sandwiches, and added pasta, then rice meals. Cooking in the morning and working nights was tough but my passion for the former made such difficulty manageable. 

I found myself bidding farewell to friends and colleagues again because my children and I had to leave the country to be with my husband. I left behind loyal client-colleagues and loyal client-friends. It was another journey to the unknown. I had to find another job to sustain the family's needs. And again found myself lost in the haze and maze of my career. So, I resigned but with much difficulty because my former boss would not let me go. But resign I did and for a few months I was just plain mom to my kids and wife to my career...everything was zilch except for my blog which I tried to keep alive.

a bright idea began to form again. Remember my previous blog? Baking Buddies? This revived my passion so I started with cookies, while my husband started with bread :)  I began to explore the possibility of learning how to bake with the aide of  technology...the internet was like a long lost friend.  My first try with bread was making my first croissant. Boy! That was hard but it was the next best thing to my first roller coaster ride. That was my first step and I went on to baking cookies and bars and then cinnamon rolls. I was in my own heaven! The house smelt of cinnamon, the warmth of the oven brought me home. I was at peace with my career and the "self" I wanted to re-create.

Now am a full time mom, wife and entrepreneur. And I can finally say that I have nurtured the gift that the Lord has bequeathed to me. Wisely said...

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."
Colossians 3: 24-24

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A 10-minute conversation with my son

My son, coming home from school one day, was so silent and seemed to be contemplating on something. So i asked what was bothering him but for a while there I felt like he was sort of figuring out whether it was a good topic or not. Then he suddenly said "Mommy kakainis po kasi yung kaklase kong babae hingulangot ng hingulangot sa harap ko!" ("Mom you know my seatmate who is a girl, keeps cleaning her nose in front of me and it's  very bothersome").  I felt relieved that it was something that trivial but at the same time almost fell from my chair laughing. This was the flow of our conversation:

 Me: (still smilng) "Anong ginawa mo? May sinabi ka ba sa kanya?" (So what did you do? What did you say to her?)

My son: (still agitated) "Wala po. Sabi ko lang wag niya ipahid sa upuan ko." (Nothing. I just told her not to wipe her booger on my chair)

My son: "Mommy bakit po ganun, hindi po siya nahihiya mag kulangot sa harap ko?" (Mommy, why is she like that, she does not even feel ashamed of cleaning her nose in front of me?)

Me: "Hindi ko alam anak e, baka meron siyang nakikita na ginagaya niya" (I wouldn't really know son, perhaps she sees it from someone?)

My son: "Ay oo nga po pala kasi nakita ko yung nanay niya nung sinundo siya ganun din" (Oh yeah, I remember seeing her mom doing the same thing)

Me: Ngek!

End of conversation. hahaha 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Story of Mom and Dad

I mentioned in my previous blog that my husband and I received interactive homemade cards from our kids. This is one of them and was given by Alloy. This is how he depicts our love story...

Cover of the mini book that he included in his card

According to our son's story, this is how his dad and I met.
 His dad saw me from afar and fell in love at first sight. (so true! so true! hahaha)

So terribly in love that his dad woeed me with flowers and a box of chocolates.

We decided to get married. That's the priest over there marrying us. 

After the wedding his dad carried me over the threshold. :)

So sweet!

This is something that money can't buy! :) Thank you son!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

You complete me

Finally, my husband was able to buy a 7-seater sofa set for a song! Really! He bought the second hand sofa for only SAR 125. Originally he wanted to buy a new sofa set but then we would not really be able to bring everything with us back to the Philippines. I had to wash the covering 3times just to make sure that it would be rid of dirt and grime. The first wash was such a nightmare hahaha the water that came out of our washing machine was so black you would not believe that something like that can happen. I had to rinse it more than 3 times for good measure.

I can finally say that we have completed the stuff that we need for our living room...we can live without a center table. But if there would be a chance to buy one in the future we might consider. In the meantime, I just want our flat to look comfortable, and smelling of baked goodies, cinnamon and freshly brewed coffee. That would be good right? 

Baking buddies

My husband has a acquired a newly found interest in baking fresh bread since he bought our first oven. Two weeks prior we were in Carrefour buying some stuff for the house and he asked me whether I wanted a water dispenser or an electric oven. I wanted so much to say "electric oven" but I did not want to impose i mean to outwardly...obviously impose hahaha. So I made him choose instead. I showed him two sides of the coin and told him to think about the benefits that he can get if  a) he chose to buy the water dispenser or b)  if he chooses the oven.  I helped him by saying that the water dispenser can give him hot or cold water and that's it; whereas if we have the electric oven I can bake goodies, and roast chicken...etc... He did not need too much prodding and talked to the first salesman he saw on the floor hehehe. Wagi! (Success!) hahaha

The next day coming home from work he handed me recipes for baking various breads, cookies, brownies and other recipes that he downloaded from the internet. His darn interest and excitement was just too infectious, already I, too, was excited to start the "pin" rolling.

He baked his first pandesal one antsy pantsy thursday night...

I jokingly told my husband that he probably was a Panadero (Baker) in his previous life :)

Lookit those cute litte things!

Ready for baking

smells good!!!

my husband's first pandesal customer :)

The next day my "baker husband" made Monay and this time he recruited our kids :)

Baking buddies

too busy to see me taking their pictures

Ready for baking 

the finished product which our kids named as Monay Swordcheese,
Monay Sweetheart, Monay Fried chicken cheese, while my husband
named his creation - Monay croissant, Monay long john and Monay donut LOL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Expats Arabia where the sun is smiling. This should be your ultimate site where you can advertise your stuff for free! And when I say everything, I mean everything under the glare of the sun! I am using it now to advertise my baked goodies and in the near future perhaps my food delivery service. Back in the Philippines I used to deliver sandwiches, pasta and other packed meals in the office. I also used to cater food to some schools and small establishments and for friends. Websites where you can advertise for free are very useful for entrepreneurs like me. is practically a new site but with a lot of promise. Not only does it work well, but it too is user friendly and is arranged in a very organized way that it would be easier for future customers to find your stuff! Not only is it an e-place where people can engage in business but it is where you can advertise job openings, services, rental service, flats and apartments you would like to rent out, etcetera... the future is limitless! 

Everyone is invited! Be one of the firsts to sign up and have a unique email address that you can use for correspondences as well, without compromising your private email address. Go and visit!

The Eight of the Eight

Photo borrowed

"We fought all day about whether the pyramids were majestic or 'magnificent. It was magic. Twenty-eight years. I woke up every day smiling." this was Richard Dreyfuss' dialogue as he played Irv in the movie "My Life in Ruins". I am quoting this because it reminded me of my own marriage. My husband and I would debate most times about a lot of stuff but it has always been done in jest. And everyday since the day I married him, I have always woke up smiling. (<= Click here for a review of my previous Anniversary blog)

Today we celebrate our Wedding anniversary and as we celebrate we recall the first time we became friends, fell in love, and eventually got married. As husband and wife, we celebrate everything, our triumph and failures, our imperfections, our dreams... while we continue to build our family as partners, friends, lovers, and parents. We celebrate this day and look forward to more years of togetherness. 

We had dinner at Applebee's Restaurant (similar to TGIF which my husband says jokingly, is the big brother of Jollibee) by the Corniche in Al Khobar. Had the weather been cooler and the place conducive to strolling, I would have insisted that we walk around Corniche ala HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking). But the weather is so humid that after dinner we just went home with a bag of donuts for our children. 

Unlike back home it's difficult to find a good Anniversary card here that I had to improvise and make one and send my husband an e-card as well for good measure :) We received interactive homemade cards from our children too!

Happy Anniversary to us my dearest husband! You were the only one who taught me about courage, about unconditional love,...while I sold myself short you saw my imperfections as trivial. Thank you! May God in His infinite kindness bless this day and our marriage as He has done this very same day so many years ago and always....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Doting Dad!

I was going through some pictures stored in my phone and I happen to come across these ones. I realised how "kenkoy" (absurdly funny) my husband can be with our kids. My kids are the only ones who can make their dad pose this way for them. Am just glad that my husband is not stoic, not the kind of father who can't even take time to joke with his children. He's got his own set of funny bones hahaha

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Midnight musing

It's almost 2am and I am nowhere around being sleepy. I recall falling asleep around past 9pm last night while massaging my son's aching arms and suddenly woke up worried about the baked macaroni i left on the table to cool. There is just so much to share again but I could not even begin thinking where to start. I have been without internet connection for more than a month since my free connection suddenly got lost. It has been such a gruelling month for me and to think that in the past there was no such thing as an internet connection, or a blog, or facebook even. Now just the thought of going through the normal humdrum of waking up, preparing my family's packed lunch, breakfast, domestic chore, dinner etc etc without these wonderful internet stuff is kind of freaking me out hahaha. I am too attached to technology :) 

It's really warm here in my mini office even with the aircon running then I realised that it must be searing outside as I hear a couple of hammer pounding at the construction site across the road. I remember my husband telling me that since the start of Ramadan all construction projects has been stopped and are being done after their last prayer for the day. Actually this is true for all business and commercial institutions. Office time is shorter and all shops are closed during the day. Remember they pray 5 times a day and this is normal however, during Ramadan they practice fasting until around 6:30 pm. It is only from this time onwards that the Muslims are allowed to eat as they celebrate their holy month. Anyways, back to my must be really tough to work as a construction worker in this country, under the angry heat of their mideastern sun. Already it is hard to go outdoors what more if you have to be physically involved in  construction "work", right? It's just too hard to think about how they could stand the heat of the sun and be paid too little for it. Although am pretty sure that what these people are currently receiving are more than what they earn in their own country; still I would not want to be them in a country with just too much heat. Just to give an example to those who have not gone here, the heat is just too much that we have to store water in the pail and have them cool down overnight. If we fail to do that we would have to endure very very hot water for bathing which is bad for the scalp and the skin. Really!

It's getting stuffy in here so I do have to park this for now...