Saturday, June 18, 2016


When I was a child, he was my first pillar. The only man in my life. He was my tree top, my human seesaw, and my piggy back ride among other things. Today I see a man who has weathered the years, a man who has turned his backyard into his retirement playground; where he could pound every flat surface with his handy hammer while saying expletives on the side hahaha... Papa, let me begin by saying thank you for your quiet love, your generosity, your big heart, and for always being our steady front when everyone else is panicking! Thank you Papa! For me you are the best, I won't have you any other way!

To my husband...the father of my children. We love you! Thank you for your sacrifices, for the love that you unselfishly show our kids, for the gift of laughter. Thank you for always pushing our children to do their best, for being a prayerful father, and for being a good example to them. To our children you are their hero! To them you are their pillar of strength. Thank you for being very demonstrative of your love and supportive of their dreams and aspirations. And to the father of my husband, the man I never got the chance to get to know. Let me tell you how great you've raised your first born! He is the most selfless, loving, caring, responsible, and prayerful man that he is. My children (your apos) are so lucky to have your son as their father!

To my brother in law Bernard, thank you for taking care of my sister. For loving her despite her expensive bags hahaha just kidding! For simply being the kind of husband you are to her and father to my nephews and niece. For having a good heart... a heart big enough to love our family! 

To Glenn, thank you for being the source of my youngest sister's happiness! It may have taken a while before your paths were allowed to cross but it was worth all the years she had to wait before you came and swept her off her feet! Thank you for being a very good father figure to my niece Hope. You are  everything she has hoped for in a father!  Thank you too for having a heart big enough to allow them both in your life!

Happy Father's Day! We honor the four men in our lives, as we honor the Lord God, the father of all men!

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