Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someday I'll have you

I was literally in tears as I ogled at the Wilton baking tools displayed at the FB page of Tavola.  They are the lone distributor of baking tools and other supplies here in Saudi Arabia and I know they have a shop here at the Corniche in Al Khobar. However, due to forced circumstances, I am unable to go there and really ogle and perhaps purchase a few baking stuff that I need. You know when I visited their FB page and saw their beautiful baking tools, I felt a tug at my heartstrings. And no it is not vanity that I should have them. But it is this burning desire to own such tools so that I can make more improvements with my products. 

There are so many things I want to add in my list of "kitchen needs" which I can describe better as "must haves" or aptly "my baking wishlist"  :)  I've never wanted anything this much (material wise) in my life hence, every time I come across such kitchen treasures I feel a kind of  high. Just seeing such wonderful baking tools and equipments is always a feast to the eyes and I could do nothing more (for now) but sigh.

I was never good company to my sisters when it came to shopping. I remember there was a time back when we were still single and they'd tag me along whenever there was a mall wide sale. I'd see how they seriously rummaged through the clothes and shoes on sale. How their eyes would lit up with excitement when they are able to get themselves a good buy. And the frustration when they see me just standing beside them looking bored. Those times they didn't know how I was so wanting to just go to the hardware section or to the bookstore and go through my own buying or ogling spree. I was more interested in buying hooks that I needed for my room or a book sale. These days I've kept my hardware store and book store urges at bay as my culinary interest has taken precedence over all that was.

If there was one wish I want to say out loud, it would be this "To family and friends you know what to give me on my birthday or  any gift-giving time ok? hahaha

Get your mom a plastic spoon

For now I'll have to stick to my one "power word"..."Someday I'll have you..."