Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congratulations our unico hija!

My only daughter reached another milestone...and as parents we can't help but feel proud of our collective accomplishment. She may not have graduated with honors but I know that her efforts as a transferee was a surprise to her teachers. While waiting for the program to start my thoughts brought me to the time I first learnt that I was pregnant with her. The whole 8 months (she's a preemie!) that I sang and talked to her, listened to very tranquil music while reading to her passages from the Bible. The time that I gave birth and heard her first cry. The time that I had to leave her in the nursery as she had to stay in the incubator whilst recuperating from sepsis. Her first smile...her first steps...her first words... the memory is still so vivid. (A mother can never forget those important events as they are eternally etched on her mind and her heart.)

From across the school gym I can see my husband busily taking pictures of our daughter (the fathers and mothers of the graduates are not seated together). I get a glimpse of our daughter in her grad gown, subtly made up and wearing my high heeled shoes. Am sure she felt a tad uncomfortable but it was not obvious as she walked the whole length of the red carpet with feigned ease.

Silently, I thank my Lord and pray that He continues to guide my daughter as He has guided me. For my daughter's next journey begins as soon as she shakes her mentor's hands and receives her diploma. To my sweet, funny, sometimes too emotional daughter your daddy and I say "Congratulations and good luck! Always bear in mind how much we love you and wish for you to succeed." And your dad says "stay away from boys!" :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays

the son who never fails to help me with my chores

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Junior Blogger!

Am sharing with you a shot of my youngest son's first try at "very" short story writing :) He proudly showed me his masterpiece as soon as I arrived home from work. Now I can' t help but wonder will he be my next in line? :) Que sera sera...

Here's a shot of his short short story :)

Short short story Title: "Patay-patayan Gan (Gun) book"
English translation: "Killed by gun book"

Translation: "Friends fires, attack! dumarami na sila! Mamamatay kami. O pirates magkakampi kayo at may gun na kami"
English translation: "Friends fires! Attack! The enemies are increasing in numbers! We will die! Hey Pirates! Join us in this fight! We have guns!"

The author

Ok so I do understand that the title and the story itself seems a trifle violent :) I do forbid them to watch violent movies and play violent games but you know boys are boys and will always be boys...well in this age and time okay so not all the time (am blabbering again). Anyway, according to my youngest son, this story is about a place being attacked and being friends with pirates who would be able to help them fight off the attackers.

So my dear readers, how did you find his story? I hope you can rate it from 1-5 :) I need to tell him what people think about his short story and he is expecting me to give him a feedback haha (hmp! my son can be such a slavedriver sometimes...)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enid Scissorhands

We've been here since October last year and it's about the same time when my kids have had their last hair cut. Hence, almost a week ago I decided to try my hands in haircutting. I wanted them to have longer sideburns so this is how they look now. My daughter's hair was longer and I just trimmed hers while she requested that she wanted to have bangs. Barbershops and parlors are quite expensive here reason why I just did the cutting myself.

Yoga Bear

2 weeks ago I brought my son to the doctor for follow-up checkup and as per his doctor's advise he needed a strong antibiotic to be given to him via injection on his buttocks. His first shot found him bawling and very much inconsolable. But before the nurse administered the shots he was so lively and even did a yoga inspired stance. Look and see... he seemed so brave! :)