Monday, June 17, 2013

Tres Padres

It's that time of year again when fathers are hailed and recognised. And rightfully so, because without them, whatever our circumstance may be, there would not be us.

To my Papa: I love you and will always do! You were the first man in our life, our first kiss, our first love. We have always placed you above all else. You were the reason why weekends were always important. Our engineer who always had something to tinker with. As a child we'd marvel at the stuff your mind and hands created. During the time when bags with wheels were introduced, you were the only father I knew who did not rush to the mall to buy one. With your creative mind my old schoolbag was magically transformed into one with wheels! That is only part of the story of the kind of father you are Papa. Even in your silence, memories were born. So thank you Papa! Your love knows no bounds... We love you ;)

To my husband: My heart of hearts! Soul of my soul! My only love... I will forever be thankful to the Lord, who answered my prayers. You are exactly the kind of father
I've always dreamed for my kids. You are a man beyond your years. You believe in the power of prayers. That with fatherhood comes great responsibility. You embraced that role. You fearlessly espoused fatherhood without a moment of hesitation. And you continue to prove how much you are committed to taking care of our family. A father in the real sense of the word! I love you and will continue loving you till my last breath.

To Bernard: My favorite brother in law the only one I have :D Even before, you have always showed your involvement in our family. An act evident of your love for my sister. The kind of man I have always prayed for her. Without you to complete the puzzle, there wouldn't be Wis, Quin, and Teapot. Thank you for always being there for each of us. Thank you for loving my sister the way you do.

To the important men in our family, I wish you all the best this Father's day and always!