Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Of rice cookers and Allen

I guess my children have my "funny bones"... earlier this evening while bathing my children with warm water, my son Alloy suddenly said "I feel warm already." My youngest son who always wants to have the last say, said "ako, cook" (normally this would be "cooked") but he meant it as "cook" literally. Then I suddenly realised that the reason why he said so is because he has our rice cooker in mind. Remember the "cook" and "warm" indicator? I almost peed on my pants from laughing so hard!


cinmeds said...


Ria said...

Your kid has a good sense of humour :)

Musta na ang career-woman of KSA?

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Mae Joi Pia said...

hahaha...allen :) ...grabe ate baka nga sobrang init ng tubig (hehe)