Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Gift from Virgo"

My daughter just turned 13 while my mom 72, several days ago. I was not able to post my birthday blog for them as after that day I was really swamped with orders. It's the beginning of my daughter's teen years and I don't know what to expect. Perhaps I do, though in denial because being a teener once, I definitely know how it works! So should I be afraid or should I be prepared? I choose the latter though. I want my daughter to enjoy her teen years so that she would have fond memories of this particular stage in her life. I don't want her to grow up afraid or unable to say what's on her mind. I want her to grow up confident and yet respectful of the opinion of others. I want her to be able to strike a balance on what she wants to do and doing things right. Perhaps these are all easier to write about as compared to the execution but I've promised myself to be the kind of mother my daughter will need during this "hormone-crazy" stage. I'll cross my fingers to that!

And to my mom, who I drove bonkers during my own teen years... I can never compare myself to you. Once, my sisters and I were casually talking about our current life; we realise that we can never do the things you did when we were little. It seems that you were tireless... Coming home from school, you would cook, sometimes do the laundry, while making sure we did our homework or studied for an exam. Sometimes I catch myself these days wondering how you managed to do everything while I struggle with my own domestic responsibilities. But that's you! :) Am pretty sure you've crossed your fingers a hundred times for me too! :)

That said... I just want to greet both of you the best birthday ever! I've lived with a virgo for most of my growing up years and now have a virgo of my own. It seems that I'll be surrounded by virgos for the rest of my life. Am not saying it's a bad thing but do Aquarians and Virgo match? really?


Ria said...

Happy birthday to your teener! Well sis, we can only hope and pray that all those words of wisdom and guidance we have given them through the years will actually be remembered and practiced.

I have a teen now too and boy, it's not an easy feat. We're just starting the ride but it's already bumpy. All those raging hormones and teen angst are showing their ugly side on my daughter. One time, I had enough of her crazy antics. I sat her down and told her to meet me and her papa half-way and to bear with us because this is the first time we are handling a teenager. She's turning 14 in few months and starting to mature too. It's been good lately so I hope it stays that way.

We have our own ways of showing our parental skills. What works for me or for others may not work for you. Just always lend a listening ear to your daughter and encourage her to share things with you no matter how shallow they are. Make her feel important. It is at this age where they tend to feel very insecure.

Like you said, you've been a teen once too and I'm sure you know the feeling. ;)

Hugs and lots of love!

Ria C

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Ria said...

Happy birthday to your mama too :)