Thursday, August 11, 2011

You complete me

Finally, my husband was able to buy a 7-seater sofa set for a song! Really! He bought the second hand sofa for only SAR 125. Originally he wanted to buy a new sofa set but then we would not really be able to bring everything with us back to the Philippines. I had to wash the covering 3times just to make sure that it would be rid of dirt and grime. The first wash was such a nightmare hahaha the water that came out of our washing machine was so black you would not believe that something like that can happen. I had to rinse it more than 3 times for good measure.

I can finally say that we have completed the stuff that we need for our living room...we can live without a center table. But if there would be a chance to buy one in the future we might consider. In the meantime, I just want our flat to look comfortable, and smelling of baked goodies, cinnamon and freshly brewed coffee. That would be good right? 


Ria said...

Congrats sis! Your house is looking homely now. Naku sis, good you're being practical. Kami din dito, we're not sprucing the house kasi we won't be able to take them all home except for the IKEA furniture stuff and other high-end equipment pag-uwi sa Pinas. I wanted to change the sofa kaso si hubby kumokontra. Instead of buying new stuff daw, i-save na lng ang money, which I think is the best idea. Remember, expats lng tayo and we are transient residents of these places. Save your money for your future :)

Naks, I have been oogling on all your baked goodies. Nakaka-takam!

Enjoy summer! Next stop --- autumn and then get ready for winter!

Ria C

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carenmeman said...

Hi sistaroo! hay sinabi mo pa pero sobrang naglalaway ako sa IKEA ha? i love their stuff! Tapos alam mo bang nag sale dito sa Lulu nang mga Duvet na bedsheets? grabe 9.95sar lang king size i bought naman 2 with matching pillow covers na love na love ko talaga kaso pagbalik ko after a week wala na ubos na ang stocks! kaasar sana bumili na ako nang marami!

tsaka sus me paano kaya ako mag diet dito haha sana pag nagawi ka rito tell me so I can treat you to some of my baked goodies and dinner of course!