Friday, January 21, 2011


It's wishful thinking but in the near future I do look forward to working 5 1/2 days in a week... I wish we are able to go home earlier during Thursdays as weekends are important to our family. It's our time for bonding, for reviewing, for cleaning, and doing the laundry among other things. It's the only time I get to cook goodies for the kids and my husband or make warm merienda (afternoon snack) for them. So, from office work, for them I am "transformom" :) who transforms from career mom to just plain mom. 

Today I will cook pancakes for merienda... my youngest son has been hankering me to cook pancakes for them I hope the ones we bought from the grocery turn out all nice and fluffy.


Darna@Singapura said...

girl, ur working full time ba? Did you try the I'm getting assignments there na and getting paid. I'm slowly but surely getting into the VA job. I love it cos I can be with the kids anytime and my ofc is just in a room in the house. No expenses sa transpo and i can coach kids while i'm writing. Seriously, u should consider this if want to be with ur family more often. Super talented ka pa naman...daming jobs for you here.

carenmeman said...

darna@singapura talaga hehehe i like your handler ha? not yet although nag register na ako 2 years back. baka next time na enjoy ko na muna yung stint ko rito sa hotel maganda rin yung may experience ako sa ganitong work. :)