Monday, March 31, 2014

The hungry Pinoy

This is my perennial quagmire, starting a blog and gradually relegating myself to something I am more passionate about. But this is not why I am blogging again. I know that my blogs will probably come in either heaps or come in trickles. All I know is that I will definitely blog about something that has either moved me so much or something I feel so strongly for or against.

Coming home from a short drive, I decided to just buy lunch. I saw one of our building security guards waiting for his turn to buy food at the kiosk. When he finally was attended to, he bought a cup of rice and ask for a bowl of soup. While waiting for my change I saw him begin eating his fare without any other viand. My heart sank. I felt terrible being able to buy when the person who guards our building night and day, which may even stretch into very long hours, is not even able to eat a decent meal. Of course in my mind I cursed the slugs in our government. I cursed the government parasites who feed on the Filipino people. While they are able to wine and dine at best restos. While they are able to give grand parties for their kids. Or go jet-setting. Majority of the Filipino people don't have enough to eat. Don't they even know that more than a million Filipino families live on such a minimal daily budget? Don't they realise how many are in need of medical attention? Don't they even see the rising number of children who are unable to get a decent education? I guess not. Because all they see in the Filipino people are opportunities for their own growth. For amassing wealth that was never theirs in the first place!

The word Garapal comes to mind and then I slowly realise why there is even such a word. "Gara" probably is the shortened derivative from the word "Garapata" (tick), while "pal" from the word "kapal" (thick/thick-skinned). In other words, our government is filled with Thick-skinned, blood sucking public servants. Shame on you! I am frustrated. Government or Private offices would not have to treat their employees this way if only those who we elected stand to be model employees that everyone would emulate.

But if this can't be done, then I say, we should do our darnedest to inspire the government to do good! Rather than wait for the next President and hope he does better, we should educate everyone to give dignity to every single action, to every single thought, to every single word, and to every single decision that we are to make.

"Inspiring scenes of people taking the future of their countries into their own hands will ignite greater demands for good governance and political reform elsewhere in the world, including in Asia and in Africa.William Hague

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Kuya Arz Commentaries said...

First and foremost, most OFWs leave the Philippines not only for selfish reasons; they also leave to better provide for their families. Because of the growing need of a family, someone would choose to sacrifice being away from them to meet the demands of the family.