Monday, September 15, 2014

Today she decides to wear a dress and fix her hair

My daughter, I guess, woke up on the right side of the bed. I was surprised to see her on the eve of her birthday in a dress and wearing a clip on her hair. I was so happy yet did not want to spoil the moment by joshing her about it. You see, my daughter and I are very much alike in a lot of things. The way our mind works is pitch-perfect! Her sense of humor, her spontaneity, her bursts of emotions, oh and I'd like to think that her artistic skills and singing voice came from me too (though her dad is so sure that those came from him). When I was her age, I never liked wearing floral dresses, for me wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans is always fine. And she is very much like me in that area. But today! Boy! Her dad and I were both pleasantly surprised! I guess our little lady is finally growing up! 

Now that you are (secret) years old, I want you to make this moment and the days and years to come the very best of your life! Put into good use the talents that the Lord has given you. You were given those talents for a greater purpose, use them wisely!

Happy Happy Birthday Ally! May you grow in grace! May you always be happy! May I be able to contribute only good memories into your childhood. And if there ever are some of them that were not so good, forgive me but always remember that today and tomorrow are here for us to be able to change bad memories into good ones. I love you darling baby girl!

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