Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On seeing the good

Just last Saturday, the whole family attended the anticipated mass as we normally do. It was Fr. Jun Sescon, current Parish priest of Mary Mother of Hope, Landmark Chapel, who officiated the mass much to our delight! Even my kids enjoy the way he says his sermon, always lively, and with a valuable lesson. 

The Gospel was about living our lives faithfully and the willingness to put the concerns of the world aside for our God. Instead of saying his usual sermon, what he did was to show us a video that depicts the Gospel in so many ways. It was an ad by Breeze. I am not endorsing said product but would just like to share with you the video that hit a spot and hopefully made a mark on everyone who watched.

We are so involved with our concept of life, our faith, and how to follow a righteous path that we forget what is essential. Ready your box of tissues, and learn from this video. 


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