Monday, October 3, 2016

Beauty and the Best

To my Bestest friend Therese,

You know the first time we met was during our Freshmen orientation at the William Shaw Little Theatre. I was seated at the back not talking to anyone. Not because I was a snub but because I do not warm up easily to people.  I clearly remember that the program has already started when you arrived. You were asking where the Physics block were. And the first thing I noticed was your tiny, high pitched voice which sounded like a fork scratching the bottom of an aluminum cookware hahaha! I was irritable that day and hearing your voice was like poison to my ears! Hahaha sorry no offense. And then the one thing I was hoping for not to happen, happened. You poked me on my shoulder while asking me if I was from Physics 1 or 2. Eyes rolling I slowly turned to face you with the sweetest smile I could muster and said this is indeed Physics 1. Then you gave me your widest smile and sat down beside me. You had so many questions. I was early and you were late. A trait that is still true to us up to this day and age! 

Tiris, I am so thankful for having a friend like you. You are unlike any other! We've been through so much and yet our friendship has remained strong. We may not have been continually present in each others' lives for years and yet whenever we get together it is as if we saw each other only the day before. I think I would not have survived College without you nor would I have survived this life without your wisdom. I am glad, crazy as your life with Jack is, 😂 that you are back! We can make more memories together now that you are here! It's true what you said... we can have so many friends in a lifetime but there will only be that one very special person you will want in so many more lifetimes! I love you my bestest friend! 

Happy Happy Birthday my Bestest friend! God love us both for giving us each other!

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MySTeries said...

Love notes, like this I read over and over and over, make me pause chores being done on early mornings, journal-writing on evenings or reading books at bedtime. This one from you gives me a free ride to our youth - college, employs, bonds of friends and lovers, weddings, motherhood - and back to the glorious present. There're still so many years of gold to celebrate. . . and being so thorough, we party a decade at
a time. hihihi God, truly, has always been, is always and will always be good to us. Visibly or not, thank you for being Enid Francis to me.