Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work Ethics

Last week our General Manager called me to his office... naturally this made me nervous, being new to the company. I asked his secretary why I was wanted by our GM and all she could say was "just be yourself". The moment I entered the room, I was met by a local lady and another man...the big boss then introduced me to them as "our new and efficient Filipina staff, this lady is an asset to our company!" I felt awkward and yet overwhelmed  by the outpouring of praise from nonetheless the boss of all bosses. 

All I know is that whatever I am applying in my current job is the result of all the vast and rich experience I have acquired from previous companies I have worked for, all the good managers who have nurtured me with good work ethics, and parents who have taught me well.

I know the pressure will be hard as there are expectations that I need to meet; I need to be consistent with my work and if there should be any changes then it should always be for the better. Because as I mentioned in  my article "I will survive", I do not only represent the values that my parents taught me, but I also represent the Filipino people as well. 

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