Monday, April 9, 2012

Living the dream on Easter

The concept of getting into the food business has always played like a favorite tune in my mind since I was in the University. Right after graduation however, I was in the midst of people, whose idea of success was to rise up the Corporate ladder, which was not actually bad! I dreamed other people's dreams and went with the flow. And this led me a step further away from following my longtime dream. Getting married and having been introduced to the call center industry, a year after; l was brought into another reality. Colleagues in my first call center stint, even those with good salaries, still looked for ways to maximize their time while on a call. They sold food, and other stuff. I often bought from them. Until one day, I realised that if they can do it then I can do the same. This helped me jump start my first enterprising culinary bit . I'm not armed with a degree in the Culinary arts but would love to take it up someday...soon. In the meantime, I'm letting my passion rule over me and turn my dream, however gradual, into reality. 

We did a "soft opening" so to speak (a few days back) to re-introduce our products and we're tickled pink that it went well. So now that we're online, we're leaving some of the "reaching out" to our vitual marketer! 

Like any other business owners, going back to the loop makes us (me particularly) nervous. But my passion is taking the lead and I sing my heart's tune once more. Thank you Lord! This will be the best Easter and hopefully, the start of something big! I will continue with what I've started to honor Your Holy name O Lord! For the gift of nurturance came from (quoting from the Wonder Girls) "Nobody...Nobody...but You!"

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