Monday, April 9, 2012

My Birthday boy!

As customary, I always prepare a birthday poster
on the eve of my children's birthday to make
the occasion extra special. I want their birthday
mornings to be greeted by a birthday poster.
This time I made a string of paper buntings. 

A Son is adventure
And action and wonder,
Excitement and joy all in one,
A heartwarming mixture
Of mishief and kindness -
He's everything special and fun.
A son helps remind you
How lucky you are
Each time you are warmed
By his smile-
And when he's as fine
And as special as you,
He's someone to love
All the while!

It's my son's birthday and this morning I was brought back to the time I found out that I was pregnant with him, the time I carried him inside my womb, and finally gave birth. Coming from a family of girls, and already having a daughter, there was nothing I wished more but to have a son. But other than that I was hoping to give birth to a healthy baby. Alloy's coming to our life was akin to a breeze of wind. He was my "now you see me, now you don't" miracle!  One pregnancy kit led to another and all proved negative then one pregnancy test later, I was told that they could see a sac (just a sac and nothing else) and the result of my ultrasound showed that it can either go through or just melt away. I don't recall being afraid because that particular moment, I knew that the sac was already a promise!  I didn't have a difficult pregnancy with Alloy, but it was different compared to his Ate (older sister). While pregnant with Alloy, I was lethargic, and was always craving for Pepsi blue. I recall being able to finish off 1 liter easily. 

Nine months later, on the 9th of April, which coincides with "Araw ng Kagitingan" (Day of Valour or otherwise known as The Bataan death March). I was on induced labor for more than 12 hours but did not feel pain, I just felt very uncomfortable lying down the whole time. It was finally decided that I undergo caesarean section due to my baby's "failure to descend." I only got to see my son the next day and I instantly fell in love with him. I was asked a couple of times if my husband is a foreigner. My son was the biggest among the babies inside the nursery room and he was pinkish! I kept saying "ang guwapo ng anak ko (my son is so handsome)..." over and over again. I was beaming with pride and my husband, though without sleep, was a picture of happiness too! 

(...back to present time...)

Today son, you celebrate another birthday! And look at you! You've grown taller, brought me so much pride, and continue to make me feel that I'm the most beautiful girl you ever know! Thank you for coming into our life! May you always grow in faith! Don't worry about your teeth, that will change beautifully in time. Be more patient with your little brother! Eat faster and dream bigger! Be the best that you can and challenge yourself to be greater and do better! May you never run out of kisses for me and your dad...and may your hugs be more tight even as you grow older!

We love you so much Alloy! Your dad named you after their school's beloved founder, Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz.  I pray you look up to him as your role model and live the life that he has lived. In his humble wish to be of help to the poor.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Dad and Mom
Ate Ally and Allen

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