Monday, May 13, 2013

Votes for the future

Today I exercised my right as a Filipino! I voted for the people I feel would bring our country to at least normalcy. Funny, how after several times of voting, I felt like a cry baby as I entered my voting precinct. I cried a litte as I looked around at the rest of the the voters across the room. I thought to myself, I hope that they vote for the ones who will make the Filipinos believe in the system again. I hope they do not vote for those actors and actresses who cannot really contribute to the greater glory of the Philippines. I hope they do not vote for political dynasties. For politicians who do not honor delicadeza, or those who only have vested interests. I have friends in politics, and I know I will be hurting them with what I have to say. But I hope they understand my thoughts being a Filipino who wants our country to be a country of hope, a nation served by our govenment not the other way around. A country where the Filipinos are served not enslaved. A safe place to live in, where criminals and terrorists will fear to tread.

My dear Filipinos please, for the sake of our children...let us not put our own interests first. Think of the future of our country and to whose pair of hands you wish to entrust our children and our children's children.

The choice you made is marked on your Index finger either way it's the same one that will point back to you. Let yours be the right one!

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