Thursday, May 9, 2013

My thoughts on Mother's Day

There is no real peace in conflict....

Today's sermon is about Love and Peace so fitting in my quest for answers. What I found interesting is the way the priest explained how easy it is for people to love but how difficult it is for them to continue to do much more easy it is for people to forget.

My Mama despite her old age is still alert as probably the day she was born... This is perhaps of the fact that at an early age, her growing up stage fast forwarded right before her eyes. Being the eldest of a brood of 8, she had to forego the usual teenage route. Why? Because at an early age she lost a father... And had to partake of her own mother's troubles. With 7 younger siblings in tow, that was a lot to take for a 15 year old whose worries should have only been limited to what to wear to the prom, what course to take up in College, and whatnot. But because she had to grow up, she missed all those stuff and instead ensured that her siblings are well taken cared of...that all their properties are intact...that whatever assets her father (my maternal grandfather) left behind is safe for the sake of the future generation. Not limited to physical assets but those that has been taught by my maternal grandparents. A legacy of hope, of love, that the family remain bonded despite the storm.

The past and her desire to save a generation of heritage is the source of her wisdom and the source of her strength.

My mama has been a mother for so long that she couldn't help but be one to all. This is a privilege that only a few can handle and truly understand. One cannot be a nurturing mother if she has not nurtured younger siblings or truly put others before herself! And this is a fact that people tend to forget.

And so this Mother's Day which is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May let me honor my own Mama. I did not make life any easier for her but I love her beyond the confusion, through the tears, for every spat we had. But for me and my siblings, there could only be one Mama... And no one else can fit into her shoes.

Advance Happy mother's day Mama!

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Sabbatical Gal said...

very heartwarming tribute to your mom... :)