Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrating love with you❤

This is how I will always envision our future together. Strong, bonded, filled with love. 

My Papa and Mama

Year after year we celebrate our marriage and joyfully so. Always looking forward to more years together. Even our children complain of our being too cheezey. And yet, even then, I know how much they love seeing us in our own state of euphoria. We have built a house filled with love my husband, and I pray that it will always be this way.  

I remember our first year together, how we struggled and how we both stood on our own. You were determined to prove to my parents that you were the one for me. It is always good to look back from our beginnings. When we'd often scrimp and try to save and fail with the little that we have. How we'd often joke about having a car and pretend to look for it in the parking lot of SM. How we'd dream about owning a house with a big yard and a theatre/media room, a big kitchen, a library, and an office space. We may not have everything yet....but having each other is still and always will be the highlight of our lives.

We've gone a long way from the time we started dating and am just thankful that we have always chosen to change for the better. How our love has always remained strong...and how we have always chosen to stay in love this way with each other.

I love you so much my know I will always do...right up to the moon and eternity and beyond....

Happy Anniversary to us! May our Lord grant us more years together, more love, good health, and happiness throughout our married life...

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