Thursday, August 11, 2016

Transforming lives

Is it bad to be contented with what you currently have? With the job that you still struggle to go to every morning? The job that you hurriedly leave as soon as the clock hits 5pm? The job that only allows you to be with your family during your approved vacation leaves, Christmas holidays, weekends, and long holidays? The job that you think pays you well, but pay the President of the company more? Have you ever thought of your own struggles while the top honcho of your company can afford to be with their family on a cruise? or several trips abroad without having to worry about his own future? Have you ever thought about your kids when they are sick and you cannot even take good care of them because your boss would not allow you to go home since they are more worried about keeping BAU (Business as usual?) than letting your kids deter you from work?

No, it is not bad to be contented! In fact, you are lucky to be that! But let me ask you a question, if you were given a chance to transform yourself and therefore be able to transform the lives of the people around you in the process, would you do it? 

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