Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birthday Girl

We've had you since 2006. I remember asking a very good friend of mine to help me find someone who can take care of my kids while I am at work. I remember her giving me your details and me calling you up telling you that I will be purchasing your plane ticket for your flight from Iloilo to Manila. I remember how right after my graveyard shift at PLDT, how I had to go to the airport to pick you up. I also remember how coming home from work after your first day with us I found my notepad with scribblings of your thoughts. I wish I kept that piece of paper. It said something to this effect "ang lungkot dito, ang tahimik. parang di ko kakayanin. gusto ko na umuwi" (it's so sad here, it's so quiet, I don't think I can last long in this place. I want to go home) I remember feeling so forlorn knowing that you wanted to go back home after your first day. So we talked about it and I asked you to give it a chance, that my baby needs a patient and loving nanny as he was only 7 months old and I'd have to work nights and sleep in the morning. And so you relented but it was also because I found out that you were able to make a deal with a "tindera" who, at that time, was selling her 3311 Nokia phone at a store near our place. That's how "maabilidad" you were and continue to be up to this time. And now 10 years call our home yours too! 

We are sorry we had to leave you when we had to go to Saudi Arabia 6 years ago. We were at our saddest knowing that we will be apart for so many years. But that journey taught us all to be independent and be able to labor on our own. But most days during our time in that foreign land we would talk about you. Incessantly.

Now we are back and so are you as you choose to. Thank you for coming back into our lives Sheila. We know you have sacrificed a lot for our family most especially for yours. But this is a promise we have always held. We've got your back covered. Whatever happens, we've got your back! We may not be a perfect family... we bicker, we cry... but most times we love, we laugh, we all go out together. Walang iwanan! 

Today is a perfect time to celebrate everything you are to us! So let me take this time to greet you a happiest birthday! We cherish you, we continue to do so, and we will never stop loving you! It is our hope that you continue to be happy with us! It is our prayer that we would be able to help your family someday! We truly love you Sheila!

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