Saturday, May 28, 2011


As a graduation gift, my husband and I were thinking of buying our daughter a digital camera. She loves taking pictures of herself and her classmates and she has taken some promising pictures. But instead of that we bought her what she has been raving for...a pair of Supra sneakers! I don't even find them pretty on girl's feet but her dad and I decided to give her what she wants. She did well in school anyway, even as a transferee. 

To you our daughter, enjoy your graduation gift may these Supras take you to the path that God has laid down for you. May these pair of shoes teach you not to run away from responsibilities and may it take you to places that will lead to your success. I know I am getting too mushy they are only a pair of "emo" sneakers but let me just rant about your shoes the way I see them. I love you my eldest child! 

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