Saturday, May 28, 2011

The month that was...featuring my son's birthday

I would like to think that I am good at multi-tasking, but the absence of any news since my son’s birthday probably proves that I am not. I have always been meaning to put in something after work, which by the way, would mean after preparing dinner, after bathing my younger children, and after marinating tomorrow’s lunch. However, by the time I get my “ME” time I’m often dead tired that I would always choose to parlay starting my blog.

Anyways... so where do I begin? Let me start this very much delayed blog by sharing stuff about my son’s birthday. 8 years ago who would have thought that I was to give birth to a healthy pinkish baby boy? Well, I guess God would have that idea beforehand ha-ha but other than the Almighty, even I would not have thought of giving birth to a baby boy. I have always thought that our family had this thing about hoarding homologous chromosomes and that a male son would either come in scarce or none at all. Hence, Alloy’s arrival was a very welcome and pleasant surprise. Back in the hospital where I delivered him, people thought I had an American husband lol. And those damn nurses would only half-believe that I am my son’s own mother because of my skin. Imagine being discriminated in my own country? Hahaha Dark or not I was still the mother of a pinkish, handsome baby boy and that alone made me ecstatic.

Fast forward to 2011, my son celebrates his 8th birthday in a country not his own. Starting 2009, when my husband went abroad, I set out a birthday tradition; and Alloy was the first to experience such. We had a “birthday date.” Sadly, this is something that we are unable to do at liberty now that we are here. My children have always looked forward to our birthday dates but I could only guess their feeling of how much better it is now that we are able celebrate every occasion with their dad.

So where did we go and how did we celebrate? We brought them to Sparky’s at the Mall of Dhahran. This is the same as SM’s Storyland or Festival Mall’s Pixie forest. Rather than have them just play the Pachinko machines, we also encouraged them to try the rides that were not available in the Philippines. We enjoyed lunch with the kids and ice cream afterwards then decided to go to Al Ramaniyah to buy Alloy’s birthday wish – a pair of Supra. My kids are so crazy about these kinds of shoes I don’t know why. Most of the stores though only carry big sizes. It’s a good thing that we were able to find a pair for him. My youngest son who is already getting into the same kind of “shoe wave” pressed me to buy him a pair too. And because there was no size available for him, I coaxed him into buying a pair of chucks instead which I told him where called Suprettes. For a 5 year old who adores his mother, he believed this little concocted name. I would have had it no other way because it was late; he was growing a tad irritable and was inching his way through my nerves already. We all went home very, very tired but glad to have brought out the kids to celebrate their brother’s birthday.
The birthday boy with her Ate hiding for unknown reasons

Dad's treat BR! Yeah!

A closer look!

They could not resist the bump cars!

The birthday boy still ecstatic as he alighted from the bump car

My bunsoy on his first highrise train ride

The birthday boy with his Ate on the same train ride

They wanted to dare

They did dare but they started with this ride...still smiling

The birthday boy about to cry hahaha

You should have seen their faces as this went higher and higher

They were bawling out loud by this time

my husband trying his hand on one of the pachinko games while our daughter tries another game

show offs! wearing their new shoes while waiting for a cab ride

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