Sunday, October 2, 2011

the Promise

I was in terrible shape the last couple of days - I was feverish, my colds kept me from breathing normally, my cough got me into spasmic fits. I found it hard to get up from bed, I felt utterly useless as I was too weak to cook a decent meal for my family. All the sleepless nights has finally taken its toll...I felt blah! There was even a cookie order that I had to refuse. Weeks back my mom would always remind me to take it easy but I just could not stay put. So there...

One afternoon in bed, I woke up to the soft sobs of my youngest son. I asked him why he was crying and pitifully he said that he wants me to get well. I was trying to comfort him when he stood up and came back with his red stool and a glass of water. He said "Mommy drink water..." I felt so touched (he is the only child left who still looks after me that way, while my 2 other kids were tinkering with their cellphones) boo-hoo.  Then he began sobbing again, my youngest told me "Mommy sorry po sa lahat lahat ng kasalanan ko po sa yo" (Mommy sorry for all the terrible things I've done to you.)  That got me thinking if he acquired this from all the teleserye he gets to watch sometimes on the telly lol. So I took that opportunity to ask him the following questions and our conversation went this way:

Allen: Mommy sorry po sa lahat lahat ng kasalanan ko po sa yo.
Mom: (hugs Allen) Aww baby that's okay but promise me that you will be a good boy ok?
Allen: (with matching nods) Opo Mommy (Yes, mommy)
Mom: Promise hindi ka na magla-lie kay Mommy? (do you promise not to lie to Mommy?)
Allen: Opo Mommy. Promise.
Mom: Promise hindi mo na aahitin ang kilay mo? (do you promise not to shave your eyebrows?)
Allen: Opo Mommy. Promise.
Mom: Promise hindi mo na aawayin si Kuya at si Ate? (do you promise not to fight with your siblings?)
Allen: Opo Mommy
Mom: Okay sige panghahawakan ko yung promise mo. (ok I will hold on to your promise)
Allen: (hugs mom and sobs some more) I love you mommy

Awwwww! (how sweet it is to be loved by you!)

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Ria said...

That's so precious! Savor that sis... :)

Hope you're back on track na. Be careful these days too bec the season is changing and the flu is everywhere.

Ria C

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