Friday, May 13, 2016

For Better or for Worse...

Each wedding has it's own beauty and magic. And I am glad my family and I got to attend one. Last week my husband, youngest son, and I were blessed to witness the wedding of very good friends.  And it was  not surprising that the general feeling that day was of "thankfulness". The good vibe going around was of happiness that at last each one found each other. 

I guess the good feeling swept over me that when my husband and I got home, there was this fountain of ideas that was just wanting to get out and translate into words. So, there! I have come up with some stuff that I want to share with all the bride and groom all over the world to understand and think about.

To all the brides:

I would like to say, expect that your life will be a lot different from what it used to be. Your days will no longer be for you alone, but for your husband as well and I assure you that you will enjoy each and every single day with him.  Your nights would no longer be alone but with that one person your soul has been searching for. And I tell you, your nights will be filled with reassuring hugs and wonderful bliss! When you wake up the first thing that you would see is your future with him and that alone will make you want to get up and prepare him breakfast every day.

To all the grooms:

In the same manner that your “ex-girlfriend, now-wife’s” life will be, then that would true for you as well. Your mornings will find you beside that one person who will make you whole. That one person with whom you can start a family with and feel complete, more than ever. That one person who, will always be there for you no matter what. Your breakfast will  no longer be just a grab of bite at a nearby fast food store but something made out of love. And like your bride, your nights will be filled with loving kisses, and mushy hugs.

To both:

But that will not always be the case. There will be times when you will both disagree on things. It could be small and petty, while some would be really big ones. You will feel alone and disheartened but you know deep in your heart that no matter what, you will always be there for your better half. There will be times when you’d feel the need for assurance and it may or may not be given to you. Not because you love each other less but because your individual minds do not really function in the same way. Be understanding of each other’s weaknesses. Acknowledge that even if you are one in spirit, you are still unique individuals and that should always be a point of reference. Remember, it is that very distinct quality that drew you to each other! Always treat each day as new! Do not exchange your gadgets for each other’s companionship. Communicate! Ask each other how their day went. Tell each other how your day was. Tell each other how you’ve missed them. No! It’s not OA to do so if you think of every gesture as something done out of love. Do not think that one is better than the other. Both of you are! Do not downplay what your partner can do! Be proud of what each of you can do. Be each other’s consultant. Reach a decision which both of you are sure of doing. Listen to each other’s stories. When one fails, let the other lift him/her up. Be proud of your spouse! Keeping your life private is different from letting the other side of your world know that you are proud of them. Be a good friend to others but never allow your friendship to jeopardize your marriage. Do not have casual lunch out or dinners alone with the opposite sex even if you say that you are just friends. You are putting yourselves and your relationship with your partner at risk. Perhaps some of you would disagree but most infidelities started on casual grounds. Respect your partner’s feelings. If you know that your action will be something that would hurt your spouse, then just don’t! It’s that simple. Do not start lying to each other, white lies are still lies.  To the man of the house be always the first one to understand. Women are complex and wives are probably even more abstruse. But remember, they will also always be the first one to try to understand you. To the queen of the house, (and I am telling this to myself), do not lose your individuality but at the same time be the woman your husband can always lean on. Put good food on the table. Pray and make God the center of your marriage! Honor Him for He made your love story!

Before getting married you each had a vision... a goal… a dream you want to put into realization. Marriage should not be a hindrance to your dreams but expect some changes that would allow you and your spouse to get down on it together. Support each other’s dreams but make sure that the risk you are about to take together are calculated risks with minimal setbacks. 

You will have kids and it is normal of course, for couples to want to build their own family. Your children will be a reflection of you. Make sure you are living examples of what you want them to be and how you want them to act. But remember no family is perfect so be forgiving of each other’s imperfections yet strive to be better for the Lord.

Never stop loving each other! Never stop the romance! Feed your marriage with passion, never stop flirting with each other! Romance and passion is not only for the young! 

So to Rex and Tin, thank you for inspiring me to start my blog again. I know I won't be able to update as often but for me this is a good thing :)  Congratulations and Best wishes to both of you! Let me raise my glass to that! ... Cheers!


Fernando Lachica said...

I love this statement of yours, Never stop loving each other! Never stop the romance! Feed your marriage with passion, never stop flirting with each other! Romance and passion is not only for the young!

Marriage is love...and love is everlasting that can be managed by the couple through "thick & thin" until death. It's just, "keep the fire burning always."

carenmeman said...

thanks Fernando Lachica :)

Ria C said...

A lovely "prologue" to a life of forever union. People should read your tips sis to know that marriage is not like a trial and error thing. It is a lifelong commitment.

Zwitsy said...

Awe! Best wishes to both of you, guys! As for marriage, there are a lot of things to consider. And I really admire those who last and did their vows and promises until the end. :)

JOJO VITO said...

for me every wedding is always beautiful..the beauty of any wedding goes beyond the fancy decors and ceremonies, but the joy that is in the hearts of the couple :)

Mommy Peach said...

What a wonderful post for newlyweds!!!Weddings really brings out the romantic in each and everyone of us..

carenmeman said...

thanks everyone!