Saturday, February 25, 2012

My "Tweet" sister

"when we were little playing hide and seek, you always knew where to find me. i haven't changed my hiding place. i am just here ♥" ~ tweet from my sister

In the midst of what I call my "emotional hibernation", my younger sister reminds me where I can find her should I need a pair of listening ears... I felt bad that she had to call me overseas. I did not wish to burden my family with the sort of phase I seem to be going through. Nevertheless it felt good to hear an assuring voice. I was glad she called. 

I know not everyone will understand my need to distance myself yet it is comforting to have friends and sisters who respect such imperative to fly solo. Sometimes it is best for private battles to be fought alone. I am assured however, long and murky the tunnel may be... at the end of this cumbersome passage ~ I will be reunited not only with the people I hold close to my heart but also with "myself". 

And now my heart silently sings to my Saviour...Psalm 32:7... only the Lord can refresh my soul...

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