Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bittersweet Independence

I have not thought about Philippine Independence until my family and I moved here to KSA. I can only remember how much I looked forward to this special holiday (pre-call center career period) because that would mean an extra day without work. And since it was a holiday, it equates to time with friends and family. But when I joined the bpo bandwagon, this too faded like a song that I used to sing. Why? because being in a call center, we are deprived of such a privilege. We follow the holidays of the country we service. 

Being in another country, we begin to look at things differently. We are able to compare what we have then and what we have now. We begin to compare our country to the countries we have visited or the country where as Filipinos we slave over work that equates to money that we send to our family back home. And most times it is a shame how families of our OFW think that money is so easy to earn abroad.

We may have achieved our independence more than a century go but have we really gained our freedom? As an overseas Filipino wife I watch the news and see that the Filipinos are never really free. And the saddest part of our "faux freedom" is that our country is still a slave to corruption, poverty,  and huge taxes that only goes to the pockets of self-serving public officials. What has ever changed? Apart from the latest fashion, the latest technology...nothing really has. We may have gained our independence as a country, but as Filipinos we still allow ourselves to be slave to the dictates of others. Slaves to corruption, poverty, public figures, and rich businessmen who only cares about making money. 

This is probably the reason why we see doctors, dentists allowing themselves to work as dental assistants in other countries, nurses, IT graduates, Engineers who'd rather work abroad. We do not benefit as much as public officials do in our own country. No, I am not writing this to besmirch my country because I love the Philippines. I dare write about this because I feel so much for my hungry countrymen and yet as an OFW I am unable to do so much. 

My prayer as always for my country is that there would finally be peace! That people working in the government will start to work honestly and always with the quest of being of help to others. That the Philippines will once again be a pillar of strength to its countrymen. That the government would be  able to unite each and every Filipino from Aparri to Jolo. 

Happy Independence Day Philippines! Here's a sweet treat from my family to yours!