Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tooth Fairies and a colloquy...

I heard a commotion among my children and both "A-te and Kuya" were pointing at something inside my youngest son's mouth. Turned out that there was a new tooth growing on his lower gum. My son also showed me that one of his baby teeth was already loose.We were supposed to schedule an appointment at the dental clinic so that we can have his tooth extracted. But this never happened as my son was so relentless, he was so bothered the whole day. It was difficult for him to eat, hence, kept on moving his tooth. We both tried a couple of times to remove it until it became so loose that I was able to pull it out easily without even hurting him.

My son was so excited that he asked me to keep his old tooth so that he could put it under his pillow. That night when they were all asleep, I placed 1 riyal beside his tooth.  Earlier that day, my husband suggested that I put a dollar instead, but for the life of me I could not find the wallet where I kept the only dollar I have lol. The next day as he woke up, my son excitedly turned his pillow to find the 1 riyal and the still intact tooth. He asked me "Mom bakit po nandito pa yung tooth ko? Di po ba dapat kunin ng tooth fairy yun?" (Mom, why didn't the toothfairy get my my tooth? Wasn't she supposed to get it?). To which my reply was "Perhaps she forgot it because of her busy schedule." But his next question blew me out hahaha! "Mom, bakit po 1 riyal lang ang iniwan ng tooth fairy?" (Mom, why did the tooth fairy leave me only 1 riyal?). I could not think of a very smart answer so I just told him "Perhaps it depends on the size of your tooth?"  His next question made me roll in laughter, "E magkano po ba and binibigay ng tooth fairy pag malaking ipin?" (How much does the tooth fairy give for a larger tooth?)

My youngest son! He did it again!  You can always count on his canny remarks! My Mr. Smartmouth! So innocent and am glad that I am home with him (and with my two other children) because by being at home for my family, I never get to miss moments such as this one. :)

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