Monday, June 25, 2012

His Mysterious ways

Indeed it's true how our God holds the blueprints of our lives.  He has dominion over our past, present and future. How the Lord works in mysterious ways. Our daily struggle is proof of how He takes care of us in His perfect way. You know  this month found us in such a quandary as salary was delayed again. This time not only for a week but for almost 3 weeks and counting... Unbelievable right? Inhumane even! (These are facts that most of our relatives back home don't know about.  Hence, complaining about their own plight is so easy for them to do. If they only knew...)

I have come to terms with how my husband's company delays its employee's salaries, hence, I did not think much of it because I knew that the Lord will never forsake us. But you know what's amazing, despite our strife? It's the fact that every single day salary is delayed, our family has miraculously survived without having to miss a meal or borrow money.  The Lord DID know that my interest in the culinary arts would be put to good use someday. And that someday is here and now.  And what makes His plan more perfect is that He did not just put food on our table but sent angels our way. Angels in the form of friends, friends of friends, new found friends, and even neighbors willing to help in my small business :) We are so blessed to be loved by our God :)  

About 3 weeks ago I was surprised by the rush of orders I got from friends and new clients. Since then I have had continuous orders especially when it comes to my cakes. And more surprised because after more than a year in our flat, one of our neighbors became an instant friend and sort of "dealer" of my baked goods. She brings them daily to work which she sells to her officemates. A stroke of luck? Nope! It was God's will! Borne out of love for His humble servant.

So my promise to you Lord, as always, is to serve You before anything else. To work honestly and always give my best. To give my clients their money's worth! To inspire others as others have inspired me.

Let me take this time to thank Agnes Vicente, Carina Dagupon and friends, Elaine Valencia and friends, Jackie Mendoza and officemates, Kay and Mike Ganaban, and Jackie Alfonso. It is through your orders :) that we survive each day till payday. Group hug!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

as long as we are together mom

Rita said...

This touched me as I recalled God's miraculous provision in my life...but even more touching is your post "Wind Beneath my wings". God bless.

carenmeman said...

Thank you Rita for your comment and for following my blog. I know I was not able to reply back but I hope you get to read this :)