Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life in retrospect...

We've stayed in this country and embraced its culture for almost 3 years (4 for my husband). Our life though very much secluded, was lived simply. For me and my husband, it was enough that we were all together. Enough that he was earning modestly to be able to send money to our loved ones. That I was able to discover inner yearnings and be able to put them into good use.

Last February 27, (2013) though unaware of our fate back home, we went through the whole nine yards of packing our stuff. In our minds we would be back. As we all stepped into the service that would take us to the King Fahad airport, I stared long and hard at all the sights. It was as if I knew that it would be the last time I'd ever set eyes on everything KSA.

Indeed it was the last time and my heart cried through it. And then acceptance.

Though it was a hard decision to make. I believe that the Lord's plan will always be the best for our family. And so after thinking things over, we decided to embrace this new adventure... This time in our own land.

Once again's Hello back Philippines! ❤

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