Saturday, April 13, 2013

My all around abaya

You were my security blanket for almost 3 years. The only fashionable piece of clothing that I owned. The same one I used when hanging our laundry, greeting visitors, buying groceries, malling, eating out, attending pta's, and other activities that required me to step out of our abode. You symbolized a tradition as old as time. Helped embrace a culture I was not really prepared for. It did not matter whether the temperature outside was almost 50 degrees C. The weather is not an excuse to even open the top button. But I wore you for a long time... For me, you were my second skin, my protection from the weather, the mutawa, and the roving eyes of the male populace.

It's ironic how I used to hate wearing you and now that I won't, I feel a bit of sadness.

But then I have to store you. You will be a part of my KSA memories. I can't really say if and when I will wear you again or if there would ever be another chance or another time. Let me say for now that (to the tune of Loving you) "wearing you was such an easy thing to do..." ;)

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