Sunday, August 25, 2013

Forget me not

This time we should not just sweep everything under the carpet! We should not forget! We should fight for the rights that these unscrupulous public officials has trampled on and belittled! I should hope that we are no longer that kind of Filipino! We should fight for every Juan who has gone abroad just to have the kind of life that these dirty politicians and their family get to enjoy in their own country! This fight is for every Filipina who is raped and killed abroad! This is for every Filipino children who roam the streets, who lose themselves in a plasticeverycross rivers, climb hills, spend 2 hours on foot just to be in school! For every Juan who roams the street and have no roof over their heads. While Janet Napoles and several of these dirty politicians and their family have several homes to choose from! Damn you! Damn you all! While you and your family are able to eat what you want. The victims of your "lootings" have to scrounge the garbage for second hand food! Damn you for even thinking that our taxes are monies you own! Damn you for getting to live the kind of life our poor Filipinos can only dream of or imagine for themselves! You should be jailed in the same manner that thieves and other bad elements are. You've become so thick skinned that you feel that without the pork barrel, your countrymen's needs. can no longer be addressed! No wonder we see families in politics! Politics is no longer a venue to help but a business venture that dirty political families thrive on! Mahiya naman kayo! You were voted for a reason well unless you bought your votes too which is inevitable for dirty public officials such as yourselves!

I hope tomorrow's clamor not only move people but move each and every Filipinos here and abroad to join hands! We cannot allow ourselves to think that nothing can be done. There is, as we have always managed to do so. But this time kababayans let us not forget! We always have to be on our toes! We have to protect our children's future and that of our beloved country.

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