Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Birthday in heaven

To my dearest Tito Rev. Fr. Sancho Sison OSJ,

It's been 15 years since you've passed away. If you'd only waited, it would have been you who'd preside over the mass on my wedding day! But that was not to be! "Heaven could not wait for you..."

You know I was going over FB's reminder of what transpired last year and I got to read again what I posted. 15 years of celebrating your birthday without you around! I was trying to check on fb if I have other photos of you but there was none.  So what I did was to try and google you and check if you have any photo laying around somewhere in the worldwide web. And voila! was I surprised to see a very old photo of you and and a short write-up. I had no idea that the oblates already had a website. But am glad that I was able to stumble upon it! I had no notion of what you did as a priest. All I know was that I had an uncle priest who celebrated mass, who went from one place to another in an old beaten up car, who was often assigned to buy ice cream on family reunions. An uncle priest who would always give in to his eldest sister's wishes, a priest who was always there for his nieces and nephews, and someone so humble and who practiced his vows to the hilt!

You are a gift to the family Tito! An inspiration to your parish. The Lord deemed your work here on earth done as he took you from us so many years back. Bless our trip tomorrow Tito as we go visit and celebrate your birthday at the same time. I am very excited because it will be Alloy and Allen's first trip to the seminary. It won't be Ally's first though, as the oblates have known her since she was a baby. Am sure you know the story when Alloy turned 2 -- he was about to blow his birthday candle and before he did he said that he wish he could be a priest someday! This is probably why I am looking forward to this trip. I want him to get a feel of how it is like there and to meet your OSJ family!

So till later Tito Fr! The whole family will be there! Happy happy birthday in heaven!

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