Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forgetful Lucy

My eldest who is assigned to take care of their packed lunch and water jugs turned "forgetful lucy" and failed to bring the latter the other morning. So when my husband called I told him about it and we concluded that our son would probably just go to her Ate and borrow money to buy a bottle of water. I guess my husband got antsy that he called me again just before lunch to tell me that he was coming home to fetch the water jugs and bring them to my children's school. He decided to tag me and our youngest son along. When we arrived, our son was nowhere to be found. We were told by his teacher that he asked permission to go to the boy's room, where he could not be found either. We decided to go to his Ate, on the way to her classroom however, we saw our son running from the school canteen with 1 riyal on his hand. Upon seeing us he said that his friend gave it to him so that he can buy a bottle of juice. I guess it was not enough and was on his way to give the money back. I felt terrible and so did my husband. We promised ourselves to remind each other of our children's school stuff.  It was a good thing my husband decided to go home that day otherwise our son would have been sooo thirsty.  It was only an hour before they go home so I decided to just stay and wait for our kids, as my husband needed to go back to his office. While waiting I took pictures and a video of my youngest who tried to amuse himself  by trying to climb up the school posts until he got tired . See for yourself.... :)

IPSA's gym, perfect venue for my youngest who wanted to run around

And then he starts climbing the post...

tried to do it a couple more times....almost succeeded

now he gets tired and realised I was taking pictures of him... :)

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