Monday, November 1, 2010

My children's first day at their new school

I felt I only slept a couple of hours when I heard my alarm... As soon as as I turned off the alarm I fixed myself and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family and my children's packed lunch for school. It is just so convenient to have a rice cooker and an electric kettle that slashes off time from the other things that I needed to accomplish. As soon as I was done with my chores I went back to our room to wake the kids up...I happened to look at our clock and realised that it was only 12:30 in the morning! I felt like kicking my own behind hahaha! I guess I was so excited to be busy with my family this particular morning. Back home there was always the nanny to take care of everything. All I needed to do was wake up, supervise and see the kids off.

Needless to say, of course I went back to bed and was muttering to my husband that he should have told me it was only 12:00 when we were in the bathroom. I even told him earlier that I was going to cook breakfast already as it was the children's first day of school. I guess he was so sleepy to answer so when we woke up this time at 5:30am I recounted to him what happened early on and he kept on laughing. I checked the alarm and only noticed that I set it on the wrong cellphone as I had not set the time correctly (it was still set on Manila time) which is 5 hours ahead :)  Oh well! the best thing about what happened was that I had more time to spend primping myself :)

For their first day, my husband and I decided to join them in the bus and bring them to school, we also needed to talk to their teachers and find out what section they would be in. I was concerned about how the driver drove though and the fact that he would leave the riders should they not be at their designated post on time. I made a mental note of going down earlier than usual from tomorrow so as not to keep the driver waiting. We arrived in school quite early as we had to wait for several hours before we learned that our eldest daughter has been included in Grade 6-Loyal while my edest son in Grade 1-Obedient. My husband took care of my daughter's schedule and talked to her class adviser while he assigned me to talk to my son's adviser. When we were about to leave, my son would not let go of my hands. Tearfully, he hugged me and would not let go. I was surprised because he has always been so excited to go back to school. I had to bribe him with 5 riyals just go back inside the classroom. It's a good thing he took the it got me thinking was he the one doing the bribing with his tearful act, just so he can get 5 riyals from me? lol  At the end of the day the important thing is he went back inside his classroom.

Below are pictures on the way to my children's new school I was not able to take pictures inside as my phone's memory could no longer handle the bulk. :)


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