Monday, November 8, 2010

All in a day's work

It's my children's exam week and this is the first time that I will be 100% involved in reviewing and preparing them for their quarterly. For almost 3 years my children's nanny was the one who took over this task as I worked nights while she was left with my children. Now I have no choice but to face the music...I am no teacher, don't even have the inclination to be one, and don't have the patience either. But what choice do I have? Just now I have spent 10 minutes seething as my son refused to get his stuff so that I can start reviewing him. Grrrrr!!!  It is so hard to be a mother and we only realised that later on when we become mothers ourselves. Sigh... 

I can say that the independence of living in Saudi Arabia has done my husband good. I was observing him last night as he patiently reviewed my son. Back home he relied so much on me when it came to our children. Now he has acquired a more active role in parenthood. I remember during the earlier part of our marriage when he would always tell me that a woman's place is beside her husband and inside the home. He would often tell me that he would rather I just stay home and take care of our kids. I was brought up differently, I kept on telling him back then. Still I was thankful that he respected my desire to he perfectly understands the need for us to help each other financially. Because at the end of the day, it would not be us but our kids who would greatly benefit from our combined efforts. 

I am very much thankful for all the effort that my husband has put into getting this family together and the effort that he continues to exert. Just last night coming home from the office, he brought several folders with photocopies of the books that my children need in school. We asked permission if we could just photocopy the books since the kids were halfway through the school year and it would be such a waste if we would still have to buy the complete set, and they agreed. I was just pleasantly surprised that hubby took time to pick up the master copy from school and have them duplicated. 

I have to park this for now as the king of my heart (wink! wink!) has just arrived home, and the queen, I supposed, will have to serve dinner. Am pretty sure he would love the chicken adobo that I prepared for him.  In the meantime  my son is still dealing with his tantrum... i'll let hubby take care of it   :)

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