Friday, March 18, 2011

My Junior Blogger!

Am sharing with you a shot of my youngest son's first try at "very" short story writing :) He proudly showed me his masterpiece as soon as I arrived home from work. Now I can' t help but wonder will he be my next in line? :) Que sera sera...

Here's a shot of his short short story :)

Short short story Title: "Patay-patayan Gan (Gun) book"
English translation: "Killed by gun book"

Translation: "Friends fires, attack! dumarami na sila! Mamamatay kami. O pirates magkakampi kayo at may gun na kami"
English translation: "Friends fires! Attack! The enemies are increasing in numbers! We will die! Hey Pirates! Join us in this fight! We have guns!"

The author

Ok so I do understand that the title and the story itself seems a trifle violent :) I do forbid them to watch violent movies and play violent games but you know boys are boys and will always be boys...well in this age and time okay so not all the time (am blabbering again). Anyway, according to my youngest son, this story is about a place being attacked and being friends with pirates who would be able to help them fight off the attackers.

So my dear readers, how did you find his story? I hope you can rate it from 1-5 :) I need to tell him what people think about his short story and he is expecting me to give him a feedback haha (hmp! my son can be such a slavedriver sometimes...)


Benjamin said...

this is allen right? i am amused with his ability to speak his mind through writing. You know how kids play wars with their massive army of toys? As i was reading his story, it was like watching him play..but with a twist...pirates as allies! haha! how cool is that! awesome work allen! I am a fan!

Ria said...

violent for a kid BUT very creative. i'm torn between ;)

ria c

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ps. sis, musta naman kayo dyan? all okay and quiet na i hope...