Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays

the son who never fails to help me with my chores


Ria said...

It's so nice to have one 'Santa's little helper' around the house ano? My daughter is like that too. She helps me (even if she makes faces all the time!).

How's life there now? Hopefully, everything is back to normal and quiet. Congrats to your daughter nga pala. May HS ka na :)

Ria C

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carenmeman said...

Hi Ria!!! naku sorry sobrang busy sa work talaga pati sa bahay i am so tired all the time hirap pala pero am not complaining... ok naman here sisterooo at least mukha namang nag die down na yung mga pag aaklas. gusto ko pa mag work dito at maka-ipon ng bonggang bongga para magkita tayo sa Dubai hehe :) Oo may HS na ang bilis ng panahon ano? Thanks!