Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enid Scissorhands

We've been here since October last year and it's about the same time when my kids have had their last hair cut. Hence, almost a week ago I decided to try my hands in haircutting. I wanted them to have longer sideburns so this is how they look now. My daughter's hair was longer and I just trimmed hers while she requested that she wanted to have bangs. Barbershops and parlors are quite expensive here reason why I just did the cutting myself.

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Ria said...

Not bad for a non-pro! I like their fringes! Pwedeng i-cut mo din hair ko?!? :)

How's everything there sis? I read your FB status last night. I hope everything is okay. Malapit ba kayo sa mga demo dyan?

Be safe and if you need to evacuate (only if you really, really need to), do it asap.

My prayers go out to you and your family. I'm an email away.

God Bless,
Ria C

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