Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First day high

"Supervisor in the making" as described by his teacher

Am trying to catch up with events that I meant to include in my blog ages ago, like my children's first day of school; giving much attention to my youngest son, who will finally be attending school for real. We didn't enroll him last year at the same school my 2 other children attended to, since we were in the process of following my husband abroad. So we enrolled him at the nearby public school where he learned a lot. I've noticed how excited he is even going to the extent of preparing the clothes that he will wear for his "big day." Actually, all of them are very much excited! And this is due to the fact that this has been one of the most uneventful and boring summer vacation for them. They were not yet required to wear their uniforms as it was a week long of getting to know each other, orientation, preparation and less strenuous school activity. 

I went with them on their first day of school so that I can meet their teachers and know where each of their classrooms are. Surprisingly, my youngest asked me not to follow him he wanted to go to the classroom alone! Brave boy! After classes I went back to fetch my youngest from his classroom and was met by his teacher who told me that my son is a "supervisor in the making", which actually meant that he kept standing up and going around hehehe. 

happy to be in school

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