Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to our new home!

We transferred to the company accomodation on June 30th and believe me this was no easy task! As I mentioned previously, back home I had an extra pair of hands. Now I only have to rely on myself while my husband is at work and my kids are in school. Packing them stuff is already an energy zapper and unpacking them was next to impossible with most of my energy already drained. We were sooo tired that after the last plastic bag we decided to just take a bath and sleep even with our living room looking more like a battleground than anything else. 

Now our living room cum dining area looks better... I made sure that I have a space for my "mini-office"...

getting better...getting there... i just so love my office space!

Normally, there would have been a sofa provided by the company but probably due to wear and tear the sofa has been brought upstairs. My husband is planning to buy one at a harraj or junk souq (second hand shop) where we can buy some neat sofa and just have them reupholstered.

I would have loved a larger kitchen because the one that we have now is really small but who's complaining? nuh-uh

It's actually a good thing that my husband was accorded this family housing because of this we would not have to worry about rent and utility expense. This is such a big help to us especially since all our kids are now in school. And to add that we can enjoy our privacy - we would not have to be bothered about our kids being rowdy while our other flatmates are still asleep.

We are surrounded by malls (yipee!!!!) and with Ramadan fast approaching, everything is on sale right now only thing is we don't have much left for there goes my "mall hopping dream"...down...further down the!

The flat is fully furnished...well supposed to be fully furnished but as I said earlier the other furnitures may have been brought upstairs due to wear and tear. So the only stuff that we are enjoying right now are the big ref, TV, airconditioning units, and electric stove.

This will be our "home sweet home" for the rest of my husband's contract and we are just so happy to see that our kids have more space to skip on hahaha....

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Ria said...

So, you've settled to a new flat this time? I hope you're done unpacking.

I hear you sis! Loud and clear! I've moved several times here too and thinking of moving out again, this time away from the riffraff of my life. I like your mini office space. I wish I can find my own space too someday.

Hugs again!
Ria C

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