Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Born to be...

I got my first real taste in entrepreneurship when I embarked on a "small" sari sari store when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Because I did not have money then, I'd gather all my tiny toys, choose from amongst them and mark them for sale. I did not sell them as is; at that age I surprised myself by thinking of a strategy on how to entice children to buy.  So what I did was to make my own "palabunutan". And for visual purposes I made something similar to what I did as a child.

The idea is for the kids to choose a number, at the back of this number is the toy that corresponds to the  chosen number. Back then .25 cents was a big deal. I earned but not much, unlike the big sari-sari store in front of our apartment.  I recall bringing out our stool and a small table where I would have a few candies inside jars and this "palabunutan" which I hang on our gate. I also remember a time when I was in gradeschool and highschool where I would make bookmarks and ask my sister to help me sell them. There was even one summer vacation which I spent with my cousin in Laguna ~ they used to have a bakery. I would wake up really early and help them sell "hot pandesal."  :) One fond memory that I'd like to share is when I spent my summer vacation in my maternal grandmother's house in Batangas. I hankered her to buy ingredients for halo-halo which my cousins and I sold for 1 peso per glass the next day. 

My trip down memory lane made me realise that entrepreneurship has been in my blood all along. I was born to be a BusinessMom. My being such a risk taker has helped me in ways which I find stupendous at times, as this has helped me as well in taking that first step.

Am happier where I am now, perhaps what I have achieved is minute compared to our other great kababayans out there. But I basked in the thought that I continue to face everyday with contentment knowing that I have found myself and have taken the road to my aspiration. 

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