Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big brother, little tutor

"Sneakily" taken hehehe they thought I was taking a picture
of the wall decor that my older son posted on our wall.
Just now I can hear, Kuya, my older son review his younger sibling in Science. They're preparing for their upcoming Mastery Test week. They are currently still enjoying their blissful and long vacation as Eid al-Adha is being commemorated. And it amazes me how patiently and responsibly (and quite strict too!) he reviews his younger brother even without me telling him to do so. To add that he even knows how to encourage him, I can hear him telling his younger brother that if he studies he will give him cookies after. So sweet!!!! I wasn't that way with my younger siblings when I was his age; it was Mama who reviewed me and my younger siblings back then. And when we were of age, we studied and reviewed on our own.

You know sometimes after school I would see Kuya going over my youngest son's assignment notebook. When Kuya sees me busy cooking dinner or doing some chores, he would take it on his own to help his younger sibling with his assignments. I love the way he responds to his brothers' needs when he sees that my hands are full. 

Thank you Alloy, for helping Mommy out. You realised that I haven't been able to review him and you took it on your own to make sure your brother is prepared for his exams. Thank you son! I love you so much!

Mommy :)

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