Friday, November 11, 2011

Playing with Clay

Right after dinner this evening, hubby and I decided to go to Carrefour to purchase some grocery items for the food that I need to deliver tomorrow. While preparing to leave, my children hankered me and their dad to buy them Polymer clay. Their interest with this kind of clay was sparked when they got to watch a segment by Jessica Soho on GMA7 which detailed how one can make a lot of stuff with it and that it can be hardened by baking. However, we were told at Jarir bookstore at the Al Rashid mall that they no longer have the said item. So we bought them, instead, ordinary clay so that they won't feel bad when we tell them the not so good news.

When we arrived they were ecstatic and finding out about what happened did not hamper them from running towards us and looking for the clay. We all got so excited that we sat down and made our own "magnum opus". We had so much fun and decided to take pictures of ourselves and what we were able to make out of it. 

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Ria said...

Have you tried buying from Magrudy's? Do you have Magrudy's there? My daughter and I used to do miniature projects from Sculpey polymer clay and I got them from Magrudy's. They are the bakeable ones. Check this Christmas project my daughter and I made 3 years ago.

Christmas ornament collection

Playing with clay helps develop a child's creativity and dexterity with the use of their hands. Keep it up!