Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Blogging" rights

I am amazed by the reach of the articles that I write. I have just realised that in only a year, my traffic is already close to 16k page views. Whilst my almost 4 year old blog, From the Diary of a Call center Mom is still inching it's way to 10.5k page views. I do understand that this huge number may include those who just stumbled upon my blog but that means a lot too! Because for every word they search my blog is rightfully tagged hence, stumbling upon my OFW blog is always a good perchance. Too bad I have not had enough time to sit down and maximize my adsense otherwise,  I would have more opportunity to finally get a page rank and attract more traffic. Perhaps one of these days I should consider sitting down and leaving all my domestic chores behind even for just one day. At least for today I was able to change my template which I've been itching to do since last month and in the days ahead, organizing my OFW blog in order to attract more.

Still I am ecstatic to see people from all over who refer to my food articles from time to time, fb friends prodding me to put up a food blog where I can share more recipes with them. I have so many ideas but unable to conceptualize it as yet. So, I promised myself to take it one step at a time.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank one of my readers, Ernie Del Prado, who even sent me a message which I would like to share with pride :).
From Ernie: hello po! thanks po sa pag-accept, kala ko po di nyo ako i-aaccept kc di nyo nmn ako kilala. pero sobrang fan nyo po ko kc khit nbasa ko n lahat ng nsa blog nyo, paulit-ulit ko prin itong binbasa. ang cute kc ng mga stories nyo at at nkkarelate ako. thanx po ulit!
Thank you so much Ernie, it is because of people like you, that I get inspired to write more and blog more. And of course my best blog buddy Ria of It's my Party (and I'll cry if I want to). She was the first ever commenter in my Call center diary blog and continues to follow me tsup! tsup! muah! muah! to you Ria :) I met Ria on one the first few articles I wrote in my Call center blog. And would like to share that article with you as well.


Exhausted after an 11 hour shift made me so eager to head back home. I was not over my son’s tearful goodbye the other day hence, regretted not bringing the car as I would have gotten home sooner.   My daughter’s birthday was forthcoming -- reason why I decided against it, as the money supposedly for gas, can be saved for a little surprise for the said occasion . So here I was walking, almost hopping, my bag and arms swinging, whistling a happy tune – when this humongous bus raced by me and summoned a “sand blast.” “F_ _ T!” I shouted. I got sand all over my already oily face, my hair, and even my mouth (I was whistling remember?). The first thought that came to mind – Was that breakfast?

I wrote this piece back in September of 2008 truly my blog has gone a long, long way...and I have my readers to thank for every spark of inspiration, for every chance that I am able to share a story or a recipe, and for the lives I am able to touch. :)

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