Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My ray of sunshine on Graduation day

We spent March 22nd  at the school of our children. It was our youngest son's graduation day and  a happy albeit a tearful one for me! Having attended two graduations in the past, I would have thought that this will be no different. I did not even cry when my son Alloy graduated as 2nd honors and at the same time bagged three more Academic excellence achievement awards back in the Philippines.

This time it was different, not only because he was our youngest;  but amongst our children, we let 2 years passed before we were able to enroll him in school. Why? We had to give priority to our older children. He was supposed to attend regular school back in 2010; but since we were in the process of joining my husband abroad, we thought it better for him to take his primary schooling in Saudi Arabia. Unlike his two siblings, we enrolled him in a public school near our home while waiting for our visas. It's a good thing that our youngest son has a sunny disposition. He didn't mind going to a different school. Little things made him happy in a big way! I guess I could say that he is able to cope better than I do. I have no qualms about sending him to a public school as I remember attending one myself before my parents enrolled me in kindergarten at a private school somewhere in Quezon City.  Everyday he walks to school with his nanny, I felt this big lump in my throat. It didn't feel right that while his siblings were fetched by the school service, he had to walk to school. After all, he was my "bunsoy", my youngest child. Hence, during the few times he'd request to ride the jeepney even if the school is just a stone's throw away, I'd give in. 

When we arrived in this country I was hoping we could enroll him at the same time with his ate and kuya. To my dismay, my bunso's chance of going to school had to be sacrificed again. My heart felt like being torn to pieces. But  he never complained. While my husband and I were at work and my two kids were in school, he spent 11 hours at the daycare. He was often sick, which made me feel more terrible! My thought bubbles filled with visions of his nanny shaking her head and wagging her fingers at me  in discord. Hence, I made a decision, it was time for me to make a couple more sacrifices. I gave up my job. I gave up our family's additional source of income which translated to giving up sending money to my parents; or being able to save up for a trip I'd love them to have.... or that Gucci bag I would love to own.... or a pair of Michael Kors I'd love for my feet to slip into. But I was fine with that. I'd rather be with my children and make sure they get the best of me anytime and always. :)

I told my husband about my decision which he supported 100%. From that time on, I was homebound and wonderfully so! I was finally a hands-on mom. My early mornings were spent preparing breakfast for the family. The laundry never piled up as it used to. A hot meal was always ready by the time they come home. Best of all, I was with my son when he underwent adenotonsillectomy. And even better is the fact that we enjoyed each others' company while his Ate and Kuya were in school. 

Moving forward...I could hear their little voices fill the school gymnasium. They were singing their graduation song. From where I was standing, I could see my son crooning with gusto with hands mimicking the words of the song. He was in such high spirits and I couldn't be any happier for him. Warm tears found their way down my cheeks; both our sacrifices seemed to have paid off! My son performed well in school, and I was told time and again by his teachers that he is such a well-behaved child. Although without honors, he's always included in the list of Class Achievers. My youngest son, my source of joy has now graduated from Prep and it's his time to shine!

Bunso, I've seen how much you valued your academic responsibility. Everytime you arrived home from school, the first thing you always do is to finish your homework (even without my prodding). The results of your exams shows how much effort you've put on your studies. Continue being a helpful, kind and loving son! Congratulations to my wonderful bunso! You know how much Mommy and Daddy loves you! 

To My Son

© Amy R. Campbell

Oh how the years go by,
Oh how time can certainly fly.
From once just a thought in far away dreams,
now into my arms and in my eyes gleam
the presence of you.
Your laughter and smiles
which go on for miles,
warms my heart and soul.
You're growing up so fast,
as I wish each moment with you to last forever.
My little boy will someday be a man
and right by your side I will forever stand.
I will pick up the pieces when you fall,
I will hold your hand and help you stand tall.
And when the day comes when you are on your own,
never feel that you are alone.
No matter how near or far apart
I am always right there in your heart.
Always remember whatever you go through
that no matter what, I will always love you.

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