Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's cooking?

I made an experiment yesterday which I'd like to share with you it's just that I love Zucchini so much that I can think about a lot of good stuff where I can include this delicious vegetable. The other night I sauteed it with Ampalaya (Bitter gourd) and to complete this vegetable dish i topped it with "Itlog na maalat" (salted egg). The kids loved it so much! Too bad again I was not able to take a picture. Then last night I made another Zucchini dish. I just sauteed it with lots of garlic and 1/4 sliced onions, and two big tomatoes. Once done I squeezed half a lemon and mixed it with the vegetable. And it turned out to be such a refreshing veggie dish. We paired this with Pan barbecued chicken and for dessert we had watermelon.Yum!

Sauteed Zucchini 

Pan barbecued chicken leg
And for dessert we had humongous watermelon

I bought this mango from the baqala (store / mini-mart) I wanted to taste the mango that they sell here and sad to say it was not as succulent nor as sweet as our own mangoes back home. The mango here tasted more like  overriped Indian mango, my kids didn't like it one bit.

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